Marti Guixè

Pool. Marti Guixé

Pool introduces a new type of washbasin. Pool is square and metallic; it rejects the idea of the conventional washbasin found in standard bathrooms. It can be easily placed in outdoor areas, offices, studios, bars, public and private places, and any other setting. Thanks to its intrinsic qualities and its white colour, it may also be placed in contemporary bathrooms.

Pool is made of stainless steel lacquered in matt white epoxy powder.
It has a particularly practical towel rail, which is nonconformist and playful: a giant spring made of high-quality waterproof teak wood.

At last, a ruffled towel is no longer synonymous with untidiness, but is an expression of freedom and creativity. An example of how Martì Guixé is able to reinterpret and breath new life into everyday objects though a new perspective. There are also two teak shelves available, one for use as a soap dish shelf, and one to cover the washbasin.

In 2011, Pool was awarded the Design Plus prize.


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