Mirror book. Storage

A distinguishing feature which often characterises bathrooms is the mirror. Whether we come for a quick glance, pulled away by our everyday activities, or pause and linger, it is our first encounter of the day, as we are met with its sincere perspective.

It never lies about a good night's sleep or a night from hell. It looks at us and helps us, making us see that pillow mark, that smudged eyeliner, that less-than-perfect shave, which could affect a business meeting or romantic rendezvous. Yet, the mirror is usually a fixed object, a motionless observer. It is us who goes searching, asking it to view other parts of ourselves”.

These were the thoughts of the architect Michele Pasini of the Storage Group when he designed the MIRROR BOOK. It recalls the gestures of reading and has been developed as a movable mirror, whose reflecting pages rotate up to 90 degrees, revealing hidden and unusual perspectives. Suspended and lightweight, it is anchored to the wall using only one bracket and one chrome-plated brass pivot, supporting it a few inches away from the wall.


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