Angeletti Ruzza

Graal. Angeletti Ruzza Design

Graal is the freestanding washbasin, made of terracotta, with a special treatment to prevent water damage. It is available with 8 finishes as well as the natural colour.

We wanted to bring out the totem-like aspects of this particular washbasin, using a material that evokes ancient memories and rituals”, say designers Daniele Ruzza and Silvana Angeletti, “an amphora, a bowl... innovate out-of-scale dimensions make it the protagonist of the contemporary bathroom. Materials must not only be used according to their technical specifications, design elements also include their effect on the senses, colour, touch and smell. We no longer choose and purchase products just with the eye, but, above all, we are stimulated by a tactile experience and physical proximity with the product, which thereby becomes an object of love...”

It is also available in the over-counter variety.

DIM: diam.40.5 h.85.  scarico a terra o parete
Dimensions: Diam. 40.5 cm x H 85 cm with wall trap or floor trap. Colours: natural, warm grey, mineral grey, winter green, life green, vain rose, blue of eyes, sunset blue, earth red


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