Giovanni Levanti

Nativo. Design Giovanni Levanti

Nativo is a washbasin with pure and simple shapes, conveying an evocative and alienating gentleness. The peculiarity of the washbasin is expressed by the new relationship between the small surface area and the vertically extended basin, connected to the wall by a high attachment, leaving behind it a kind of tail. With its characteristic thickness and deep interior, it resembles a hollowed tree trunk where the 'bark effect' is obtained through the application of a special patented Glaze developed within Azzurra's R&D department. This is because Nativo also stems from the company's desire to work on a new type of highly innovative glaze, which is single-fired and able to maintain the chemical and physical characteristics of the classic white-gloss finish.
It is applied for the first time on Nativo, and will be extended also to the other top-range collections and certain special products.

The name 'Nativo' pays tribute to the land of the industrial area of the province of Viterbo, which produces the majority of sanitary ware in Italy. Yet it is also a reference to an ancient form that expresses something natural and deeply rooted in our past: that of the hollowed log. Its inspirations begin with the maritime pine trees encountered while travelling from Rome to Castel Sant’Elia, the company's headquarters
Giovanni Levanti.

Dimensions: 350 x 370 x 620 mm

Nativo Corteccia.

Corteccia” (“bark”) is a new glazing system, obtained though a unique chemical composition and a specific, complex treatment for which the company has obtained an industrial patent.

A unique product of its kind which, thanks to its “ruggedness”, resembles the uncontaminated nature of a tree trunk, and represents the only viable alternative to the simple smooth surface of ceramic sanitary ware products, or to outdoor applications with a higher risk of deterioration. Bark ensures a long period without deterioration, as well as the durability that is required for a product of this kind.
The colour varieties available are: bark blue, bark brown, bark grey, bark white, bark black.


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