Ilaria Marelli

Nook. Ilaria Marelli

A nook in the wall which “occasionally” becomes a washbasin: NOOK is a ceramic frame with a built-in mirror and lights, as well as a “water source” reminiscent of the fountains in historical Roman buildings.
With a vertical design, NOOK is a “hanging frame” that subverts the “low” volume classic look of the washbasin. It allows you to bring together the motions of washing and looking in the mirror into a single object, while resolving, at the same time, the question of tiling around the washbasin.

The washbasin is produced as a single piece; it is technically a very difficult ceramic product to manufacture, given its large size which presents the challenge of maintaining flat surfaces and managing the movement of mould.

Tandem by Ulian, and NOOK by Marelli, are the first projects of an extensive plan to demonstrate Azzurra's business culture of promoting innovation and experimentation, expressing the diversity of language and research that is so characteristic of modern times.


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