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AZZURRA’s “special items” collection

Today, despite living in an increasingly “mixed”, diverse and multicultural society, companies have the tendency to be conformist, offering rather homogeneous products.

“Our work at AZZURRA – explain Silvana Angeletti and Daniele Ruzza – has always been characterised by a desire to find an original language and thought process. That’s why we immediately felt the need to be open to new inspirations, by coming together with top-level professionals and designers, who are creatively independent and able to tell us about their training and cultural background.

All of us are hungry for stories, we are those stories, and we become the stories that excite us the most.

This is how AZZURRA’s “special items” collection was launched, working on the basis of differences in an attempt to create substance and soul, using our sensitivity and powers of observation to delve into new contemporary new needs, new uses and new behaviour”.