Marti Guixè

Marti Guixè

Marti Guixè studied in Barcelona and Milan as an interior and industrial designer. In 1994, while living in Berlin, he devised a new way of understanding the culture of products. Guixè began to exhibit his work in 1997, which focuses on the search for new systems, on introducing design in the culinary sector, and on presentation through performance. His unconventional perspective provides brilliant and simple ideas, which are intriguingly serious. He is currently based in Barcelona and Berlin and works as a designer for worldwide companies.

Alessi, Authentics, Azzurra, Camper, Cha-cha, Corraini, Danese, Dentsu, Desigual, Droog Design, Drill, Galeria H2O Barcelona, Imaginarium, Magis, Moleskine, Nani Marquina, Saporiti Italia. Recent publications: Marti Guixé 1:1, 010 publishers Rotterdam (ISBN 90 6450 441 5), Martí Guixé Cook book, Imschoot Publishers (ISBN 9077362045) and Don't buy it if you don´t need it. All Marti Guixe's Camper Commodityscapes. (ISBN 13 84 609 9135 0). Martí Guixé, Open-End Stichting Kunstboek, (ISBN 978-90-5856-284-5) Exhibitions at MoMA (New York), MuDAC (Lausanne), MACBA (Barcelona) and Centre Pompidou (Paris). Ciutat de Barcelona Price, 1999 and National Design Price of the Generalitat de Catalunya 2007.

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