Shower tray Puro. AZZURRA Ceramica

Puro is the new shower tray wllh 3.5cm thickness. Versatile and easy to install also inside the shower box, thanks to its rim which makes the product solid, resistant but light al the some lime.

Puro is also available with NOBACTER 05 antibacterial and anti-fungal treatments and it is applied over ceramic surface afler glazing, before firing al 1250".

NOBACTER 05 doesn't change the surface, leaving it intact from all its aestethics and functionals features typical of sanitary ceramic.

These treatments add value to AZZURRA's production, who puts the human being and his need at the center of the project.

It has a basic and minimal aesthetics, highest design quality and technology of production into one body which allows the complete elimination of possible ceramic defects.

Puro is available in the elegant version white cotton.


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