Marco Zito

PRUA and STIVA. Design Marco Zito

“The name of the series was inspired from the front of the vessels. Ergonomic lines design  the “jump” which mark out the collection. Soft and clear lines. The washbasins perfectly match with the Prua sanitary wares and the Stiva cabinets are the simply and functional support for all the series.

Marco Zito, devoted to the industrial design architect, with a professional and personal history strongly connected to Venice, tell about his new project realized for AZZURRA, based on the typical shapes of the vessels.

In this new line all the elements can be considered as actual, not only regarding the world of bathroom: sustainability, materiality, simplification. The new collection is composed not only by sanitary wares, but also cabinets with drawers and accessories to complete this sculpted brand new line.

The seat cover for Bidet is one of the news of this collection: very functional item to improve the aesthetics of the product putting WC and Bidet on the same level, also giving the chance to use the taps on the wall even for the Bidets.

AZZURRA obtains a Seat Cover for the Bidet completely the same as the Cover for the WC, offering a very comfortable seat and getting better the usability of the Bidet, with water getting out directly from the “overflow” and a cleaner and warmer seat.

Prua collection is actually composed by WC and Bidet both in the Wall Hung and Floor Standing versions, Monoblock WC, plus 3 Over counter and 3 wall hung  washbasins.

The STIVA cabinets are realized in natural color or matt white Oak and customizable according with client’s requests.

PRUA WCs are also compatible with the Water Saving Technology.

The water emergency is one of the most important arguments but still not considered in the design, especially in Italy. AZZURRA, on the contrary, already introduced that theme on 2010.

AZZURRA settled a new system to guarantee the Water Saving with all its wall hung WCs, using just 3 liters of water if in association with the mechanism in the catalogue.

Function and design are one more time protagonist with Azzurra’s Collections.


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