Gordon Guillaumier

Glaze. Gordon Guillamer

The idea of nudity has created a simple and essential design, which later became the common theme for this sanitary ware collection, inspired by the pure, wholesome, soft and practical shapes of laboratory beakers.

Emphasis was placed on the size and scale of each individual element in order to make it suitable for both domestic and public bathroom interiors.
The Glaze sanitary ware collection has a design with a modest approach that goes beyond the passing trends. This means that from the moment that it is placed in the bathroom, it is as if the sanitary ware became a natural extension of the interior's architecture.

This set of sanitary ware consists of 2 wall-hung washbasins (60 and 75), two inset washbasins (50 and 69), 1 over-counter washbasin (60), 2 built-in washbasins (60 and 50), wall-hung WC and bidet, floor WC and bidet, and 1 monoblock.

Glaze is also part of the Water Saving project which focuses its attention on the water crisis. Being sensitive to these issues, AZZURRA has taken steps in order to flush the wall-hung and floor WC with 3 litres of water. This is possible thanks to the combined system of the WC and a cistern patented and certified by Azzurra.


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