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Nuvola. Angeletti Ruzza Design

Nuvola is a collection of ceramic bathroom ware with a clean and soft design.
Inspired by the full and rounded shapes of the human body, its design expresses the idea of living in harmony with the world around us. Nuvola's fundamental value is its simplicity. An apparent simplicity, concealing a genuine and thought-out design which goes against the trends. It is a bathroom collection for everyday life, able to convey a sense of harmony at first sight.
It is designed to be viewed from all angles, each time offering a new perspective: the side evokes a feeling of ​​liquidity and naturalness; the front displays its pure, pronounced but light contours, and from above, we see the archetypal shapes of sanitary ware, whose functionality becomes immediately clear with its high, capacious basins.
Space is one of the great luxuries of our time, yet what is small is not necessarily of limited value. A small well-furnished interior, with a clever use of light, can become welcoming, functional and provide a real sense of meditation. It is on this premise that Mininuvola was born.
Its balanced proportions allow you to adapt the collection to even the smallest of interiors, with wall-hung and floor sanitary ware measuring 35 x 46 cm.

Style and functionality are contained in a comforting product that is part of our daily lives.

Nuvola is also part of the Water Saving project which focuses its attention on the water crisis.
Considering that 20% of our domestic water consumption is flushed from the toilet, Azzurra, sensitive to these issues, has taken steps steps in order to flush the Nuvola wall-hung, floor and monoblock WC with 3 litres of water. This is possible thanks to the combined system of the WC and a cistern patented and certified by Azzurra.

In 2009, Nuvola won the Design Plus award, which prizes the most exemplary products for design content, research, innovation and environmental sustainability. Also in 2009, Nuvola received the Good Design award. Nuvola was nominated in the “Designpreis Deutschland 2011” competition.

The range includes out-of-sight wall attachments, and consists of:

- wall-hung washbasins: 90 x 45 cm, 75 x 45 cm, 60 x 45 cm, 47 x 37 cm.
- over-counter washbasins: 60 x 40 cm, 75 x 40 cm.
- wall-hung WCs and bidets: 55 x 35 cm, 46 x 35 cm.
- WCs and bidets: 55 x 35 cm, 46 x 35 cm.
- a monoblock WC
- a urinal
- a freestanding / corner bathtub


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